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Judge Pat Murdoch arrested for raping a prostitute 

Meet the Judges of Linda's Trial.


    John Brennan was forced off the bench due to his cocaine addiction. Judge Albert Pat Murdoch was forced to retire after being arrested for raping a prostitute. Both should have done time in prison,  but because of their rank in society they got off easy. Both telling their victims that they were above the law, in fact they are Above the Law.  These are the Judges responsible for the fate of Linda Henning.  Judge John Brennan sentenced Linda to 73.5 years.  Click these links to see the articles.  After viewing the articles, you must ask yourself:  Did Linda really get a fair trial?.   (Judge John Brennan)  (Judge Albert Pat Murdoch Link #1   Link #2) More on Murdoch and Brennan and 2 other corrupt Judges of New Mexico.  .  (Click HereFor Article.

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