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"Enemy of the People"

The Story of Injustice...

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Any Hope for the Wrongfully Convicted?

     Freedom may never come for the wrongfully convicted in the U.S. after the 1996 Clinton legislation called AEDPA ̶  the Anti-Terrorism Enhanced Death Penalty Act ̶  which has further squeezed, pinched, and cut-out' any remaining opportunities for those who are actually innocent petitioning for a hearing under Section 2254 (state prisoner) or Section 2255 (federal prisons). The legislation has, effectively, Killed habeas petitions. The legislation came about after the Oklahoma city BOMBING in the early 90's.  No federal hearing has been granted to any female defendant in 30, 40, or more years in N.M. The U.S now has more than six million people in jail (jail, detention, prison, probation and parole) - a higher number than the   Soviet Union imprisoned in the gulag archipelago during Stalin's rein ( Time Magazine, 2012).

"Windows into the Soul", Surveillance and society in an Age of High Technology by Gary T. Marx (University of Chicago Press, 2016)

(Review by Linda Henning),

      From the palaces of Great European courts in the 15th century, agents of change were highly intellectual aristocrats as in the case of Niccola Machiavelli, or Dr. John Dees, the Elizabethan mystic in the 16th century. By the 18th century, the illusive Count St. Germaine floated through the masonic royal courts mesmerizing noble audiences with secrets of the pharaohs of Egypt to the Jacobean spies in France. Everyone was trading knowledge, because "knowledge is Power" —scientia est potentia.


    " Human intelligence" or espionage became "tradecraft" and persisted until the Age of Industrialization was modernized: weighed down by the hundreds, if not by the thousands of computerized networks called "servers" by the late 20th century. Technology reigned supreme-and spies fell out of favor.
The now defunct, Office of Information Awareness, inspired by the  Great Seal of the United States that appears on the dollar bill with the all seeing eye above the pyramid was altered. Their new image, which appeared on the internet showing an all-seeing eye gazing down upon the earth, reminds me of a speech Senator Lyndon Johnson of Texas gave to the U,N. after Sputnik, in which he warned the international community that whoever controlled the moon—would control earth.  "As the moon gazes down upon the earth so does the illuminated all-seeing Eye—like the moon—controlling earth's affairs—as an agent for change.


   The objective of the T.I.A. program, according to its creator-The Department of Defense- was to collect metadata on more than 300 million Americans and undocumented workers.  The plug was pulled on T.I.A. program in 2003 by congress and the sinister logo removed from the webpage.


   The events of 9/11 set the stage for a federalized attack on civil rights and liberties.  The path to authoritarian rule made clear by repeat authorities of the Patriot act - an oxymoron - in efforts to dismantle the U.S. Constitution by essentially nullifying the Fourth Amendment - allowing spy agencies unprecedented rights to secret wiretaps and home searches.


   Then, along came FACEBOOK, which catapulted surveillance into the stratosphere. After its funding by Goldman Sachs, spy agencies became obsolete.  Google gobbled YouTube and others: all the while collecting its "cookies" - electronic locators on the internet — deleting "black geography" on its aerial maps of the world.  As Google promised to do no evil, FACEBOOK declared a war on privacy. FACEBOOK has become wildly successful with 1 billion narcissistic customers -"like button" junkies - wanting to record forever each and every tic of their mundane lives — storing photos of the most intimate kind in clouds.


   Those, like our President Trump, addicted to blabbing about whatever rosses their minds at whatever hour on twitter, have no need for privacy.  and, that's' a good thing because our country is an electronic fortress, where freedom and the right to privacy has been obliterated - undermining democracy.


   Our various successful spy programs such as Echelon or Prism have emboldened other repressive societies such as China to follow us with our software and hardware to create a massive surveillance tool such as "Golden Shield" - an umbrella of social and political control to block a billion of its citizens from the internet  


  Everyday and every year we as a nation, march forward in lockstep towards the dystopian futures imagined by Huxley and Orwell.  Scientists and scholars of surveillance and its effect on society and the individual are presenting studies and empirical evidence to support their conclusion.  one such professor is Gary T. Marx, author of "Window into the soul: surveillance and society in an Age of High Technology"  "(University of Chicago Press, 2016).


   Author Marx in his book journeys through the complicated questions of the individual and how much and what kinds of controls should a government exert over its citizens.  He reflects on the discovery/revelation and concealment/ protection of personal information and how it relates to the public trust, social bond, government power and democracy.  Marx's book is both scholarly and laced with laymen's terms and stories interspersed within chapters — a delicious gobble of information for all of us who like to examine with a magnifying lens society and the government's penchant for control through advanced peeping Tom devices.  Read it and be forewarned.  



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