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Linda Henning first years in prison

Linda Henning now 18 years later


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Linda Henning

Background; Sold one humorous story about jail cuisine to the Weekly Alibi base out of Albuquerque, N.M. Learned the logistics of persuasive writing by submitting seven legal cases through the state and federal courts, including the USCA, Tenth Circuit, and the US Supreme Court. I sustained all cases through the courts. None were dismissed, which is a feat in itself. I was able to secure one court hearing for one inmate in a CA Superior Court. I was able , through pleadings, to have two inmates leave early from county jail. Further legal writing consisted of prison grievances; which forced the NMDOC to renegotiate a lower phone rate for women, as we had been discriminated against by the phone time provider. This was a major win, as I pleaded cases and demanded refunds. Refunds were provided to the entire prison. As a prisoner advocate I have suffered targeting by prison officials for 18 years.

Terrence Dudas


    Hi, Welcome to my website. I created this site so that Linda Henning could tell her side of the story. Linda claims that she is innocent and a victim of unfair justice.  I am neutral in the belief of whether Linda is guilty or innocent. I did not create this website to promote her innocence. I was not at the trial. After investigating the case and  discovering that  many of the players, Judges, Lawyers, were corrupt themselves, I concluded that Linda did not have a fair trial. They should not have been allowed to practice law.  I believe that Linda Henning should be allowed a retrial or allowed to be resentenced. Linda claims that the detective in her case planted her DNA at the scene of the crime. That can be very well a possibility. There are many cases of misconduct by prosecutors and detectives. I have included some links below this article relating to that very subject. It is so common that movies are made about investigators  planting false evidence to get a conviction. The movie Arbitrage with Richard Gere and Susan Sarandon is one of the movies. My goal is to make viewers of my website aware of the multitudes of misconduct in our unjust Justice System. (be sure to check out the link on the right side column "The Corrupt Judges of New Mexico").

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